Life Without the Internet

I did not pay my rent. So why shut off the cable, when you can cut off your connection to the virtual/social world? The only place where you can watch a multitude of Kdrama? The Internet. I’ve been living without it for days, coming back every now and then for a few check-ins on my email, websites, and Facebook. It’s not as aggravating as it could be. At times, I don’t even use my laptop at all–there’s no reason to because there’s no Internet. But the glorious part about not having the Internet is being able to go back to basics: reading, watching TV, making stuff, doing homework, cooking! (which is something I tend to slack off on a lot), writing my novel, and starting a business. The bad thing is that I’ve been cut off from the photography world, so I’ve been patiently waiting to post my new photographs on Flickr.

The main things I’ve done over this past week is work on my novel and focus on starting up a business. I started making polymer clay charms, something I picked up from my friend a couple years ago. It’s really relaxing, but as I started making my own; I kind of didn’t see myself just solely making charms. All of a sudden, I wanted to sell other things. I mean I have a sewing machine parked next to my kitchen, and I haven’t used it for a year. So I thought: “Why not start sewing again? I still have fabrics I haven’t used yet, and none of this stuff should really go to waste.”  Thus, I decided to teach myself to sew again, and I decided in my new business for the new year I’d make Japanese food charms (yum) and doll clothes. Pretty fun right? It even brings a tinge of sunshine into my heart.

Secondly, I’ve been up to is obviously that novel of mine. I’m still going strong on it. As I read No Plot, No Problem!, I found myself regretting that I had not read it more  during NaNoWriMo. Had I done so, I probably wouldn’t have been so behind in my word count. I’ve been applying some of those “word surge” techniques, and for some reason, I feel myself enjoying this story more and more. The story is going surprisingly well, though. I’ve found a niche for those four characters that I pulled out of my virtual hat. I didn’t make any changes to their personalities, but I did rename one of my characters. Yes, her name is Zero, but her real name is Claudine–a name that made me think of a horse for some reason or some country farm girl. I thought perhaps, she would need a name more elegant and befitting of her past; I settled on Colette.

But as for my characters, they’re all doing very well! Zero and Shouri are still true to their dismal yet awesome back stories, however, I’ve married the two off quite earlier than I expected. I thought it’d me more interesting if they were before the beginning of the story rather than somewhere in between. I also married off Rain and Nicolai (Zero’s older twin brother). I couldn’t really find a strong enough story for Rain, but I think her personality would complement Nicolai’s very well. Then there’s Bada; with a gritty, begrudging personality such as his, he slid into a life of villainy with utmost ease.

Consequently, there are a lot of twists, turns, and surprises I’m facing with my random hodgepodge of characters, but no complaints so far.


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