Novel Progress

It’s been pretty bad so far. I’m coming in with 6,001 words tonight. Apologetically, I haven’t been checking in with my novel like I should. I got tired, bored, and overwhelmed somewhere along the way. There is this bad habit I have of not finishing the things that I start, and I believe that is a habit that is meant to be broken through the blood of Christ. Honestly, it’s like a stronghold or something.

What also stalled me is inspiration. I don’t want to use anything as a muse since that just makes my writing a bit more frustrating. The Kdrama I was watching for 10 weeks finally ended, and my heart is tinged with sadness because it was a good, solemn ending to all that drama–an end to all that inspiration and those things I could have and would have done to make that show better. All of my swirling thoughts can easily be translated, manifested in manuscript…

But, I closed out that chapter of my life in a few short moments and a wistful serenade.

I have, more or less, emptied my mind of all inspiring yet unoriginal concepts and star-studded yet lackluster ideas taken from various plot devices I’ve consumed over the years. I decided just to write. Not to get tied up in the “whys” and “why nots.” Those questions I should answer for myself–not have someone else answer them for me (unless it’s God, then that’s a whole different matter). Tonight, I was able to get what I believe is half a chapter in. Reciting my plot back to myself, I got so excited I was inspired to write. It was a tough debate: I was deciding whether to study Japanese or write. It’s too late for my mind to comprehend Japanese (it comes semi-naturally during the day and wanes off during the night hours along with my coherency in English), so I might as well just stick with English for the night.

Nonetheless, I am still in the process of tweaking a few things on my novel. I finally decided that my protagonist is an adopted daughter, and I’m wondering if she should know that or not. Then there’s also the matter of why she was adopted in the first place, but it seems obvious being that she and her adoptive sister look somewhat alike, but then again…they do not! The Characters post has a rough idea of what the “twins” look like. Then there’s me just throwing in characters as I see fit. I’ve already fired a maid and added a very prim and proper lady who may play an anti-heroic role in my story. I’m not quite sure on that, yet, but I’m not planning this novel at all, so it won’t matter until I edit it. I’ve had the delightfully exhausting experience of under-planning and the amazingly frustrating experience of over-planning. Zero planning and a handful characters and an alternate world. Some twists, some turns, some quirks, and perhaps an unexpected pinch of sugar. The extemporaneity of it all does keep me amused.


It’s day three of Camp, and I’ve been taking my time. I find that I’ve really slowed down on my writing. Instead of just writing anything, I think, I muse, I meditate, I chew on my next words. By God, I hope they sound right. So far though, I’m enjoying what I’m writing, although I have no idea where I’m going with it. Well, I do have an idea, but as far as one of my characters’ backstory goes, I’m a bit uncertain. Fortunately, it’s too early in my writing for it to make a difference, but as I get deeper into the story, the currently non-essential bit right now is going to matter later on.

While I’m figuring that out, I’ve decided to post two of my favorite characters from my Camp NaNoWriMo story, Diamond Dust. I’ll probably sketch them out in my own style later on, but for now, I’ve used the Mega Steampunk Doll Maker from Doll Divine (yes, I did eventually choose to go steampunk). This is just a rough outline of who they are; it’s very superficial and doesn’t give away a lot of information. I really haven’t fully discovered these two characters’ potential, yet.

Bianca Weiss

Bianca Weiss

Bianca is a young woman in her twenties and the main protagonist of Diamond Dust. She’s currently the princess of the country of Arway. She has an older twin sister named Daiya and an older brother named Demetri. Bianca lives a fairly sequestered life away from her family–this is not by choice, however–she spends more time with God and books than she does with anyone else. Although she pretends to be fine with her loneliness, Bianca yearns for adventure. Her dream is to travel the world, and the place she most wants to go to is the beach.

Daiya WeissDaiya Weiss

Her name is the shortened form of “daiyamondo,” the Japanese word for diamond. Daiya is the twin sister of Bianca Weiss (she is the oldest). She’s the opposite of her sister and is more outgoing, but then again, she has more freedom than her sister. With a heart for fashion and social events, she is a typical princess. She is actually very close to Bianca but very rarely stands up for her sister outside of the palace, which often makes her feel bad. She has a persistent character and is known for pushing the limits. Daiya is secretly in love with a prince from a neighboring kingdom; her favorite color is amaranth.